Scarlett OctoPre: The ideal way to expand your studio

05 Jan 2017

Need more inputs?
Scarlett OctoPre is the ideal way to expand your studio.

Have you reached the point where you simply don't have enough inputs? Maybe you want to record the whole band. Perhaps you're a drummer and you need to record your kit, or you simply want to leave all your inputs connected all the time for when inspiration strikes. Whatever the reason, the new Scarlett Octopres could be the answer.

For times like these, we at Focusrite have the answer. In fact - we have two.

Designed to expand Focusrite's 2nd Generation Scarlett range of low-latency USB interfaces, the Scarlett OctoPre and Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic are also fully compatible with any audio interface with ADAT connectivity. What is ADAT?

Just plug the Scarlett OctoPre or OctoPre Dynamic in with simple, standard optical cables and you instantly add eight natural-sounding Scarlett 2nd generation mic/line inputs with precision Focusrite 24-bit A-D conversion at up to 192kHz hi-res audio quality and with 109dB dynamic range. Two Hi-Z instrument inputs are designed to take hot guitar pickups and other loud sources such as drums and there's phantom power for condenser mics throughout. There are also eight balanced line outputs sourced directly from the mic pres so you can feed a live console as well as record digitally.

But for that little bit extra, check out the Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic. With all the features above, OctoPre Dynamic adds analogue, 'soft knee' compression on every input for natural and transparent control of dynamics. But press the "More" button and the ratio is doubled, for more aggressive "compression with effect".

The Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic goes further on the output side too, providing the option of sourcing the the eight line outputs from the ADAT inputs providing an additional eight channels of Focusrite 24-bit D-A conversion to that already available to you through the outputs on your existing interface.

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Key Features - common to both products
- Record with Scarlett mic pres: Eight natural-sounding 2nd generation Scarlett mic pres with mic/line inputs - including two instrument inputs - delivering plenty of gain, low noise and low distortion for studio quality recordings
- Focusrite precision A-D conversion: 109dB dynamic range precision Focusrite A-D conversion you can rely on
- High-resolution audio: Supports 24-bit A-D conversion at sample rates up to 192kHz.
- Plug straight in: Two of the mic pres feature high headroom instrument inputs, with plenty of headroom to handle even seriously hot pick-ups without clipping or unwanted distortion.
- Great for drums: Preamps are optimised to handle extreme levels from sound sources like kick drum and snare.
- Eight line outputs: Perfect for live work - feed the line outputs into a live console while you record the digital outputs.
- Accurate metering and level control: Five-segment metering on every channel plus new generation gain controls for more accurate level settings.
- Simple ADAT connectivity: Connect Scarlett Octopre instantly via optical cables to any audio interface with ADAT inputs. Dual ADAT ports support eight channels of mic, line or instrument sources at up to 96 kHz and four channels at 176.4/192 kHz.
- 48V Phantom power: Just what you need for condenser mics - phantom power is available on every channel.
- State-of-the-art digital clocking: Rock solid, super-stable clocking performance with Word Clock I/O for full integration with digital systems.

Additional Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic Features
- Eight channels of D-A: 109 dB dynamic range Focusrite precision 24-bit D-A conversion
- Analogue compression on every channel: Keep your inputs under control with this easy-to use, all-analogue, single-control 'soft-knee' compression system for a tighter sound. Natural and transparent in operation, you can also press the "More" button to double the ratio and use it as "compression with effect".

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