Antonis Mikelis

Promo video recording: the project included recording drums in a cafe, due to the interesting acoustics and accessibility. The rest of the instruments, guitar vocals, were recorded at my home studio.

I used a Liquid Saffire 56 as the main interface and I connected a Saffire Pro 40 and a Saffire Pro 26, both via ADAT for better monitoring use. I recorded about 15 tracks on Cubase, as I was experimenting with various drums recording techniques and room mics. So, the extra Saffire Pro 26 was used as a backup and in case we wanted to record extra things.

One of the things I like about using these firewire cards is that I can control both of them (not the older 26) from the same Focusrite software, and make any necessary changes. Also, I love the 56 for the extended connectivity that it offers.

Focusrite has always been the interface of choice. I was first introduced to the Red pre-amp range which sounded great and have never looked back. I use Saffires for all my recordings; vocals, drums, guitars, woodwind, strings etc. I mainly record at my home studio but I enjoy a lot recording on location.

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