Saffire PRO 14 & PRO 40 User

Hard earned respect from your peers is a rare commodity but Huxley, aka Michael Dodman, has it in spades. Since his late teens he’s been producing, seeing initial underground success as a garage producer before his sound partly mutated towards a deeper, house-based sound in the past few years. Collaborations with old mate Ethyl for the then hot-as-hell Cecille imprint in 2009 showed a producer receiving massive support for what instantly seemed like a fully developed sound.

Since then, Huxley has delivered releases for an enviable roster of labels (Tsuba, Morris Audio, Fear of Flying, Hypercolour and 20:20 Vision for starters) and has stayed true to his robust, bass-led strain of house music that reflects his formative interests in UK and US Garage, with critics, punters and peers lapping up each release and remix. Whether veering towards deeper vibes alongside Ethyl on his own Saints & Sonnets imprint, turning in cast iron grooves for Tsuba or full vocal barnstormers like his lauded ‘Let It Go’ single for Hypercolour early 2012, there’s a clearly defined but pliable and versatile sound to Huxley productions that marks him out as a truly talented producer.

"The most useful feature of the Saffire Pro 14 is the fact that it's so easy to transport - it means that I can make music on the go. I spend a lot of time sitting in hotel rooms, so it's nice just to be able to carry on making music while on the road."

- Huxley

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"I love my Saffire because of its ease of use - it sounds great, and now it's so

integrated into my setup I can't see me changing it any time soon." - Huxley