Louis Bhose


Saffire PRO 24 User

Louis Bhose is a touring musician, currently working with Bombay Bicycle Club. The indie rock band have received numerous awards and accolades including NME's best new band and chart topping album "So Long See You Tomorrow". With a vigorous touring schedule, the band headlines shows all over the world and has just released their fourth album on Island Records.

"I'm a big fan of the sound quality of the Saffire Pro 24 - I've used a couple of other interfaces on the keys, and in terms of the portability and the feature spec, it just does what I want it to do whilst sounding pretty crisp."

- Louis Bhose

Listen to Bombay Bicycle Club and the Saffire PRO 24

"The thing I like about the Saffire Pro 24 is that it's very portable

- the best thing being that as it's half rack, you can get two interfaces in a 1U space."

- Louis Bhose