Yamaha CL and QL Series Compatible Firmware

24 Aug 2015

Yamaha CL and QL Series Compatible Firmware

  • Yamaha CL Series compatibility.
  • Yamaha QL Series compatibility.
  • RedNet Firmware / Software Version in Dante Controller:
    • Brooklyn 1: 1.5.315.1022
    • Brooklyn 2: 2.11.315.1022

 New Features

  • Yamaha CL and QL Series Consoles will now provide control over the following parameters for RedNet 4 and RedNet MP8R:
    • Gain
    • Phantom Power (+48V)
    • High-Pass Filter (HPF)

Additional Information

  • To install firmware, right-click on the RedNet 4 or RedNet MP8R device you wish to update in RedNet Control and select 'Firmware Update' then select the correct Bkn-1 or Bkn-2 firmware file.
    • Note: RedNet Control will not allow you to put the wrong firmware file on the wrong device.
    • RedNet 4: Brooklyn 1 or Brooklyn 2.
    • RedNet MP8R: Brooklyn 2 Only.
  • Once Yamaha ID is changed in RedNet Control, the RedNet device should be power cycled in order for it to be identified by the Yamaha CL or QL Series Console.
  • RedNet 4 and RedNet MP8R will now have a 'Yamaha ID' dropdown menu available from within the 'Tools' menu.
    • This contains a list of Yamaha ID numbers from Y000 to Y00F.

For Yamaha CL and QL Series Console firmware, please refer to:

For more information on how to setup Yamaha ID, please refer to: