Focusrite Mic Pre Masters Red

Jalen N'Gonda - Experience Red Evolution

Jalen N'Gonda moved from his native Maryland to Liverpool a while ago, bringing a fresh new songwriting talent that also pays homage to the soul and Motown legends that shaped American popular music. The combination - plus his outstanding vocals and performance - has rapidly made him popular in the clubs and bars in a city with many Transatlantic musical connections.

We went to another legendary location, London's AIR Studios, to record Jalen performing his recent song You Deserve What You Got - an impressive and open performance that immediately grabs your attention. It shows off not only Jalen and the band's talent, but also the exceptional performance of Focusrite's latest audio interface, the Red 4Pre, with its specially-developed 'Red Evolution' preamps and 'Air' effect that captures the sound of Focusrite's heritage ISA preamps. The band played live, with only percussion and vocals overdubbed; the session was recorded by Rupert Coulson and produced and mixed by Dan Cox.

The video below gives you a taste of this atmospheric recording. Then check out the elements that went to make up the track with our virtual mixer below - and hear what a difference a Red makes!

Red Evolution in the Air

The ‘Air’ setting on the Red 4Pre made its debut on the Clarett range, but here it's used in conjunction with the Red 4Pre's specially-designed 'Red Evolution' mic pres - our most advanced mic pres yet. 'Air' emulates the characteristics of Focusrite’s heritage sound ISA range of transformer-based mic pres in the analogue domain, resetting the input impedance and enabling a ‘transformer resonance effect’, giving microphone recordings the air and clarity of an ISA transformer-based mic pre.

Learn more about 'Air'

Clean, clear and Red

With our virtual mixer below, you can hear an excerpt from You Deserve What You Got, written and performed by Jalen N'Gonda recorded with the Red 4Pre. We’ve broken the song down into five “stems” or submixes: hear them individually by soloing them with the (S) button, or drop them out with the mute (M) button. To play the complete excerpt again, just stop and hit play. Plus you can create your own mix using the faders on the left.

Click the name about each fader to reveal how the track was recorded. We used two Red4Pres providing eight channels of mic pre, plus eight of the original ISA110 channel strips on the Neve desk in the control room connected via the Red 4Pre's line inputs. The 'Air' effect was used on the vocals only. The Red 4Pres were interfaced direct via DigiLink™ into the studio's house Pro Tools® system.

Vocals & Guitar: Jalen N'Gonda
Backing Vocals & Bass: Mikey Jones
Drums: Jake Lipiec

Please allow time for the tracks to load before you listen to them. The lossless, CD quality versions are larger in size and therefore take longer to load than the compressed .mp3 versions below. To listen to the lossless files, click on the button at the top of the player.