Adrian Bushby uses ISA Two on Muse sessions

28 Mar 2013

adrian bushby focusrite

Launched in 2012, Focusrite's ISA Two dual-mono mic preamp has established itself in in some of the world's greatest studios and on some very high-profile sessions.

Adrian Bushby, double Grammy Award-winning engineer for Muse and Foo Fighters, picked up the ISA Two for sessions on the recent Muse album The 2nd Law. Adrian is a long-time Focusrite user, so he's familiar with the ISA sound and what it stands for. "I used the ISA Two for some of the string mics and drum overheads on the Muse sessions, and I have to say I'm very impressed; the sound is really open and clear as I expected. I've also A/B'ed the ISA Two on some mixes I did using some original ISA 110s, and it sounds really really good; I'd even say it sounds better!"

With over 25 years of mic pre heritage, the ISA Two builds on the success of the now-ubiquitous ISA One and features a pair of Focusrite's classic ISA-series transformer-based microphone preamplifiers, complete with variable input impedance, instrument inputs and a stunning 80dB of clean gain. Its transparent character allows you to capture the best possible sound, to provide world-class production quality.

You can check out a video interview we did with Adrian here.