Continued support for In Tune For Life - helping HIV, TB & malaria-affected communities

23 Feb 2012

In Tune For Life helps HIV, TB & malaria-affected communities

Focusrite and Novation proudly announce their continued support for In Tune For Life (ITFL), an organisation dedicated to the struggle against HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the related stigma and social problems. Since 2007, ITFL have been using Focusrite, Novation and KRK equipment to record music with local communities in four countries, to help engage and educate local people, especially the young, about healthcare issues.

Set up

Since the birth of ITFL in 2007, Focusrite, Novation and KRK — alongside other notable companies from the MI and Pro Audio industry — have provided compact and powerful equipment, which has enabled them to record music on the road, often under extremely challenging conditions. ITFL’s chief audio engineer Joe Herrmann explains, “The Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP was a great help for us out in the field. The VRM [Virtual Reference Monitoring] feature is a really welcome help when we’re recording in the field. Your ears don't get as tired as when you work with headphones normally, and we can cross-check different setups. I think it's a brilliant idea.”

Portability and non-reliance on external power were huge determining factors for Joe and the team, who would often record in remote locations with less than reliable electricity supplies. “We could run vocal sessions while there were power cuts, and there were plenty of those! Powering the Saffire with the laptop, we had about a two-hour session with a condenser mic.”

NocturnFocusrite and Novation Marketing Director Giles Orford comments, “It’s great that we can support In Tune For Life’s fantastic work. The support they provide on the ground is amazingly important, and they give so much to the communities they touch. It’s very rewarding to hear that Focusrite, Novation and KRK equipment is enabling local music makers to educate their own communities. And to learn that it stands up to the rigours of the Malawian environment goes to show how robust and versatile it is.”

In 2010, Focusrite expanded their support for ITFL, playing a key role in developing and piloting the Record For Life project. Record For Life aimed to provide communities with everything required to continue recording music after ITFL’s field work was finished, such as training local sound engineers to use and maintain the equipment. A new studio was established in Lilongwe, Malawi, early in 2011, where it is hosted by ITFL’s partner organisation and functions under the watchful eye of ITFL’s Malawi-based Trustee Qabaniso ‘Q’ Malewezi.

ITFL hope that this studio will provide the platform for local artists to build on the anti-HIV work of the three albums and two animated videos ITFL have already produced in Malawi, where around 12% of adults have HIV. Women are disproportionately affected here; around 60% of Malawian adults with HIV are female, and the epidemic has also affected Malawian children. In 2010, 120,000 children in Malawi were living with HIV, and around 700,000 had been orphaned by AIDS.
Nocturn 2“In Tune for Life is about using music to engage a community, and especially young people, on issues of HIV, TB and malaria,” says Q.  “We are grateful for the support we’ve received and we hope it continues. We still have a long way to go to tackle issues of stigma and discrimination, and it’s really important to engage all communities: Christians, Muslims, everyone. And we’re open for that. Because everyone has a message.”

In Tune For Life’s new website, explains and showcases their work: