Doe Paoro & iTrack Solo: On the road

22 Mar 2013

focusrite doe paoroDoe Paoro first pricked our ears at a small show in the hip part of Brooklyn, New York, where we happened upon her etherial, flowing vocal vocal style and enormously talented band.  

Since then, she features in the promo video for Focusrite's flagship Forte interface and has travelled to Sweden to write with a team of pop music masterminds. 

On the road, she travels with an iPad, and not surprisingly fell in love with the iTrack Solo as soon as she saw it. "I used to use my phone to record rough ideas when travelling, but I've switched to the iPad and iTrack solo to capture recordings that can sometimes even be used for the final track."

The iTrack Solo is small and light, and can be used completely unplugged from mains power for several hours when used with a portable USB power supply. It's the only audio interface for iPad that provides a great-sounding Focusrite mic preamp and instrument input, plus stereo outputs and a high-quality headphone jack — making it perfect for singer-songwriters on the go.