E.Smitty (Kool G Rap, ASAP MOB) Chooses Focusrite

15 Aug 2013
Eric "E. Smitty" Finnerud is a producer and engineer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He's been a proud Focusrite user for 15 years, over which time he has produced, mixed, mastered, and consulted with both independent and gold/platinum achieving artists, as well as worked on his own music.
Two Focusrite Saffire PRO 40 interfaces are part of his arsenal of audio equipment, which also includes a large-format analogue mixing console and various other outboard pieces, including a Focusrite ISA One. His PRO 40s act as a bridge between his analogue front end and his DAW, and they also give him the multiple outputs required to perform multichannel mixes on his console. 
E Smitty
"You're covered with Focusrite"
Finnerud uses his Focusrite preamps to mold and shape the sound of his recordings. "I have a couple of different preamps that I love; my number one favorite being the ISA One. In the chain of equipment, the ISA One always comes first. It’s great for vocals, electric guitar, bass; literally anything I need it for. Focusrite is the beginning and end of my signal chain." 
It's not just the sound quality that E. Smitty likes, however. "The durability of the build is magnificent. I compared similar interfaces from different brands and found the Focusrite interfaces to be stronger and harder with heavy-duty, solid construction. Focusrite products are just superior to other brands. The products are constructed from better materials, the gear has more options, and the sound is crisp, clear and un-tampered with. Hopefully the gear you own doesn't have to take a beating, but if it does, you’re covered with Focusrite.
"Most recently I produced a record for my partner Lil Dap called 'Pray For Me' which I used the ISA One as well as some VST synths and live drums. The results were heavy! As you know, in hip-hop, there is a need for a precise sound, which I was easily able get with the Focusrite preamps."
For more information on E. Smitty, and his Sound Alive studios, check out the following web links: