"Focusrite interfaces create a rich and realistic sound"

22 Aug 2012

Focusrite Benny ReidBenny Reid, saxophonist, composer and musical director, is a Concord Records Recording Artist and endorser of Selmer Saxophones, Vandoren and Applied Microphones. He has played with numerous acclaimed musicians and bands including Frankie Valli, Bon Jovi, Fergie, The Temptations, Buddy Rich Band, Chico O’Farrill Band, among others. As a composer, his music has been featured on HBO, Showtime, CBS and TV commercials. He currently leads his own group around the world and has released two albums on the Concord label to critical acclaim. For more info visit www.bennyreid.com.

Benny uses the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 and Novation 61 SL MK II. 

“It’s interesting because most of my gear is fairly basic and I don’t have a ton of it. I pride myself on achieving a great sound while using what I can afford at the time. I grow with each device and learn how to master it before I layer additional gear.

My friends who are expert pianists all recommended the Novation brand. It is a known fact that Novation’s key action is probably the best out of any controller. The Novation 61 SL MK II is my keyboard that I record midi on. The Automap function is seamless and speeds workflow. The dimensions of the 61 SL MK II are perfect for my studio space.  I was able to design a pull out draw under my desk where the keyboard comfortably sits. This is a big deal because I spend hours at a time working and I now have perfect posture while playing the keyboard. Because the keyboard is such a joy, I now spend much more time composing directly into my DAW instead of handwriting charts or working with Finale notation software.

After buying the Saffire Pro 24 two years ago, the first thing I did was mix a jazz/latin record I recorded. Since then, 3 of those songs were placed on network television. Simply put, Focusrite interfaces create a rich and realistic sound. After testing the sound of my albums on several interfaces in the store, it was obvious to all listening that the Focusrite had the most authentic sound of the recording. Being that I am primarily into jazz and acoustic based music, it was slightly warmer and darker than it’s competitors and was perfect for me. The Saffire Pro 24 is the interface that everything revolves around. 

I have had a very easy and pleasant time inserting and working with the Saffire Pro 24 and 61 SL MK II in my setup. The sound, reliability, and construction are top notch. All of my contemporaries, producers, and agents thus far have been very pleased by my output and I have been getting more and more opportunities. That tells me they approve of my gear and consider my work to be at the highest level.”