"ISA Two: I can't record without it."

07 Jan 2013

cj pierce drowning pool focusriteCJ Pierce, guitarist for Drowning Pool, shares how Focusrite helped shape his sound.

“Drowning Pool has been together now for 15 years. I do Drowning Pool demo's/writing at my home studio, but I also produce and record local bands. I use BC Rich guitars, Kustom and Badcat amps, Spector Bass, Red Witch pedals, Digitech effects, and record with Focusrite’s Saffire Pro 24 DSP and ISA Two. I don't think there are any real quirky things to my set up. I do have a bobble head Kerry King on one of my monitors and a Black Sabbath trading card signed by Tony Iommi on the other. I also have a portrait of Dimebag Darrell on the wall. Keeping it Metal!

I use Focusrite because I honestly think I get the best sounds out of the gear. Focusrite have been on top of the game since day one and have only gotten better over the years. Ever since I've recorded my first record I've been attracted to Focusrite gear. Using it for the first time, I learned from "A" list producers the difference it makes on your sound. I've made 6 major label records to date and Focusrite gear has always been used on my recordings in one way or another. It’s definitely become an essential piece of gear in order to get that full pro sound. 

The first thing I did when I started loading up my home studio with Focusrite gear was re-recorded a lot of demo's that I was working on at that time. I used the preamps on my guitar mics and was blown away by the difference. The same goes with all my bass tracks and vocals. I run everything through my Focusrite gear now. I can't record without it.

Recently, I've been doing more Drowning Pool demo's and I just finished mixing a local band called Suicide Hook. With the Saffire Pro 24 DSP, I love the "in the box" mic pres, compression, reverb, and all of the mixing capabilities you have. I've used it out on the road and gotten great mixes just using my headphones. The VRM technology is amazing. With the ISA Two, I haven't used any other mic pre that can get you that kind of clarity and huge tone. With the Drowning Pool demos especially, this time around the label was asking what studio we went to and who produced these. They sound pro and ready to go. We actually kept and used a handful of tracks from those demos on our new CD.

For that pro sound and quality gear, Focusrite is top notch. For me, it has totally changed and helped shape my sound.”