iTrack Solo runs iPad audio analysis on Gotye tour

30 Apr 2013

ben shapiro focusrite

As live concerts get more spectacular, so does the gear required to keep the show sounding spot-on. A major part of this is real-time audio analysis, which enables the sound engineers to examine their sound system so they can fine-tune it for optimum performance.

For Grammy-award-winning Gotye's live show, monitor engineer Ben Shapiro uses the iPad audio analyzer Smaart Live — coupled with a Focusrite iTrack Solo audio interface — to provide a graphical representation of the sound coming from his system. 

"The iTrack Solo connects directly to my iPad with the 30-pin connector that comes with it," says Ben. "I plugged it straight up to the cue bus of my Venue Profile console, and it delivered exactly what I wanted, with no configuring or hassle. It worked a treat!"

Ben also uses the iTrack Solo alongside his MacBook Pro, connecting via USB. "I was quite surprised at the audio quality delivered. This piece of equipment is now part of my day-to-day tool kit, and it's the only small package of its type I know of that provides both brilliant A-D conversion for my Logic rig on my MacBook Pro as well as natively connecting to my iPad for a brilliant interface for Smaart-live and other audio tools."

Our friends at Mix Magazine featured the whole Gotye tech crew, including Ben, here:

ben shapiro focusrite