Lead Guitarist Phil Campbell chooses Focusrite for new Motörhead record

11 Mar 2014

Focusrite Motorhead

Motörhead aren't just one of the quintessential metal bands - they have become a ubiquitous symbol amongst popular music culture, with a vast legacy spanning over 30 years and an world-renowned legion of fans.

We were extremely pleased to hear from the band's lead guitarist, Phil Campbell, who'd recently added a new Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 to his studio for their new record: "Since adding a Saffire 56 to my studio things have really stepped up a gear. The huge amount of I/O available plus the the virtually latency free Saffire MixControl software has helped my workflow no end and really made writing and recording a lot more creative. Adding two Liquid Channels really is the icing on the cake and to my ears sound as good as anything. My studio output really is sounding better than it ever has."