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Sound on Sound, Saffire PRO 40 Review

Saffire Control Pro is probably the most flexible and powerful control panel utility in its class...Focusrite lay much stress on the quality of the preamps in the Saffire Pro 40, and they certainly deliver decent performance for the money.

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Pro Sound Web, Saffire PRO 40 Review

The Focusrite Saffire PRO 40 proved to be an excellent way to interface to any DAW software suite...I found the mic pre-amps to sound great, the unit intuitive to setup and configure, and the whole system rock solid.

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Computer Music, Saffire PRO 40 Review

The Saffire Pro 40 boasts a fine sound and solid features, and the keen price point gives it an edge on the competition.

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Customer Reviews

"Music Producer's Dream for a Sweet Price"

If you are a music producer with your setup in your crib, I highly recommend the Saffire PRO 40. For the price you just can't beat it man.

Ray from the US

"Where it All Started!"

4 years ago, I bought this interface and started to record my violin, and some electronic music. Today, I am preparing for my first year at Berklee College of Music. I attribute a portion of my love for music technology to the interface.

Ben from Wisconsin

"Great Sounding Preamps"

It comes with a fine pedigree, great sounding preamps and solid software. When compared to alternative devices it offers great bang for buck.

John from the UK

"Great Piece of Gear"

Focusrite are known for their preamps and this is a quality made, fine sounding unit...

Al Drumz from Boston, MA




Saffire PRO 14 & PRO 40 User

Hard earned respect from your peers is a rare commodity but Huxley, aka Michael Dodman, has it in spades. Since his late teens he’s been producing, seeing initial underground success as a garage producer before his sound partly mutated towards...

Linden Jay


Saffire PRO 24 & PRO 40 User

London-born and bred Linden Jay, aka Linden Berelowitz, is a member of the new generation of musical creatives with multi-faceted skill sets. Linden encompasses producer, remixer, drummer, sound engineer and musical director. With his wide skill set, Linden has stepped...


Producer, DJ

Saffire PRO 24 & PRO 40 User

Wilkinson, who is signed to Ram Records/Virgin EMI is being touted as one of the brightest new stars in dance music. Following his club anthems 'Tonight', 'Take You Higher’, ‘Need To Know’, 'Heartbeat and 'Too Close' Wilkinson released 'Half Light'...

User Stories

Tomer Salman

I'm always amazed how it's easy to work with the Saffire PRO 40 each time I use it. The software allows me to control what ever i want in no time, the preamps are pretty amazing, got everything i need in it...

Michel Joncas

When I was a young boy, I was (and still am) a huge progressive rock fan. I began to play bass guitar when I was a teenager and always dreamed to have my own progressive rock band.

Russell Bullock

I have since upgraded again to the rack mountable Pro 40 ... the MixControl and software options are very useful, I use it now to run my bands in-ears

Duncan Whitcombe

I recorded a demo for a band recently, 10 channels in live using 8 analogue inputs and two via S/PDIF digitally straight from the mixing desk. I would have used more but I didn't have an ADAT lightpipe feed for any extra channels...