Focusrite Mic Pre Masters Clarett

Kill It Kid – Captured with Clarett

Kill It Kid are a British four-piece Blues/Rock band. Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Chris Turpin and keyboardist Steph Ward, the band takes its name from the title of a song by Blind Willie McTell, by whom they were heavily inspired.

We caught the band amidst their 'You Owe Nothing' European tour, to record a version of the track Tired Of The Way You Want To Live at Miloco’s The Pool Studios in South London. The session was mixed and produced by John Mitchell (Enter Shikari, Young Guns, Lower Than Atlantis), and engineered by Will Kent, using the Clarett 8PreX Thunderbolt interface and an OctoPre MkII Dynamic to add extra microphones via the Clarett’s ADAT input.

Check out the video from the session below, then analyse the recording track by track to hear the contribution Clarett’s mic pres – and their special “Air” effect – make to the sound with our virtual mixer.

The Clarity of Clarett

Every Focusrite interface product range has its own mic pre designed specially for it, and the Clarett mic pre is no exception. All Clarett interfaces are externally powered, and thus avoid having any restrictions on headroom. The ‘Air’ setting on a Clarett interface emulates the characteristics of Focusrite’s heritage sound ISA range of transformer-based mic pres in the analogue domain, switching the impedance of the preamp to that of the original ISA, and enabling a ‘transformer resonance effect’, giving your microphone recordings the air and clarity of an ISA transformer-based mic pre recording.

Learn more about 'Air'

KIKing up the mix

Here’s an excerpt from the song Tired Of The Way You Want To Live. In our on-screen mixer, we’ve broken the song down into seven “stems” or submixes, which you can hear individually by soloing them with the (S) button, or drop them out with the mute (M) button. To play the complete excerpt again, just stop and hit play. And create your own mix using the faders on the left.

To find out how each track was recorded, click on the track name above the fader. The Clarett 8PreX was used for all recordings, and Clarett’s ‘Air’ mode was used on the vocals and the drum overheads. All the tracking was done in Pro Tools 12 using a mid-2012 MacBook Pro.

Vocals and Guitar: Chris Turpin
Vocals and Piano: Stephanie Ward
Bass: Dom Kozubik
Drums: Marc Jones

Please allow time for the tracks to load before you listen to them. The lossless, CD quality versions are larger in size and therefore take longer to load than the compressed .mp3 versions below. To listen to the lossless files, click on the button at the top of the player.