Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces


Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces

The Thunderbolt interface on your computer is the gateway to a new world of low latency recording – with one of Focusrite’s latest Thunderbolt audio interfaces, the Red 4Pre and the Clarett range. With two, four or eight superb-quality Focusrite mic preamps and up to 58 inputs and 64 outputs, Focusrite’s low latency Thunderbolt audio interfaces deliver the sound quality and versatility engineers and producers expect - and achieve - with Focusrite.

Thanks to a round-trip latency as low as 1.67ms*, Focusrite’s Thunderbolt audio interfaces let you monitor with your favourite plug-ins when you’re recording. Record a vocal with reverb, or play virtual instruments live. No need for cue mix utilities and no need for outboard DSP with special plug-ins. Instead, work with your favourite plug-ins all the time, whether you’re recording, mixing or overdubbing.

Check out the products shown below and just imagine how a Focusrite Thunderbolt audio interface could transform the way you work – and the way you play.

Looking for our Saffire range? If you don't need the extra low-latency capabilities of our newest Thunderbolt Audio interfaces, you can find out more about our FireWire interfaces here.

*Logic Pro X @ 96kHz, 32-sample buffer

Clarett Latency Chart