"Tiny, lightweight, yet sturdy and effective!"

04 Dec 2012

tina guoTina Guo, classical and electric cellist, is a recording artist for film, television, and video games. She’s been a featured soloist on the scores for Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man 2, Inception, Clash of the Titans, CSI:NY, Iron Chef, Diablo III, Call of Duty Black Ops II and others. In addition to being a classical soloist, she has also performed and recorded with Santana, Foo Fighters, Far East Movement, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, Zakk Wylde and Peter Gabriel. Tina is currently on tour with the Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil as a featured soloist on the Electric Cello, which in 2012 was the highest grossing tour in North America. Tina explains how Focusrite’s VRM Box has been incorporated into her remote recording studio while on the road.

“My recording rig consists of a lot of daisy-chained hard drives to hold my samples, Logic files, and backup files, as well as a Oxygen49 Midi Controller from M-Audio, Sennheiser HD 650's, Rode NT-1000 Mic. I play my line of electric cellos, the Cambiare GUO Electric Cellos (http://www.thecambiare.com/The-GUO-cello.php) through ENGL Amps. For pedals, I use a Crybaby Wah, Digitech Digidelay, Coffin Case Blood Drive, and Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive.

In the last year while on tour, I've written, recorded, and re-mixed my entire album, which will be released in January called ETERNITY. The album ranges in styles from classical, cinematic, new age, electronica, dub step, fusion, to metal, and I was using the awesome VRM Box with my Sennheiser HD 650's throughout the whole process.

The VRM Box is an amazing tool for musicians like me that have to record and mix on the road without access to studio monitors! I love switching between all the monitor options to really hear my music through a variety of synthesized modules. It gives me such a broader range estimation and view of the true sound and mix of my music!

An engineer friend actually suggested I try the VRM Box when I posted a Facebook status about looking for better quality headphones to mix with in my mobile setup. I did some research on the Focusrite VRM Box online and I was amazed by the videos and information I found. I never knew such an amazing device existed! I use the VRM Box to mix all of my tracks. I love how tiny, lightweight, yet sturdy and effective it is! I'm not aware of any other devices that do the same thing as the VRM Box. The VRM Box from Focusrite has revolutionized and completely transformed the way that I produce music from the road.”