Paul Was

Maple Ditch Studios, like many home projects, started-up in 2007 after a few too many beers, and a brilliant idea that we could track our jams, post them on myspace (does anyone even remember myspace?) and become rock gods with stone cold fox's for groupies. While that usually works out for most bands, somehow we didn't quite get there -weird.

After a few years of learning, tweaking and working with an old Delta 1010 interface fed by low to mid level preamps, I realized that I had pretty much hit the limit of sound quality regardless of room acoustics, mic's, technique, etc. After loads of research surfing the interzones, I decided to go with a Liquid Saffire 56, as it seemed to be the best overall value for my needs.

It would have been nice to get some exotic mic pre's, and ultra high end convertors but realistically this is a project studio, and the weakest links would have made the pricey hardware underused overkill. My goal was also to reduce the footprint of the recording gear, and the Liquid 56 does that very well with it's dual preamp emulators that give you a decent range of surprisingly high quality tone flavours.

The new setup was installed a few months ago, and the results have, so far, WAY exceeded my expectations. Check it out below, and hear for yourself, below is the 1st tune I recorded using the Liquid 56 - yes I know my singing and song writing sucks.

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