Standing for 'Input Signal Amplifier', the ISA range was born out of the original Focusrite Forte console of the late 80's. This console was, and still is, considered by many as sonically the finest console ever built. The core modules from this console live on with Focusrite's current range of ISA products, which have in themselves also become recording classics, and the choice of the world's finest producers and engineers.

The classic Focusrite microphone preamp with independent DI and optional precision A-D
Two independent heritage microphone preamps from the original ISA 110 module designs
Four of Focusrite’s renowned mic preamps, instrument and line inputs with optional precision A-D
Eight heritage transformer-based mic preamps, instrument and line inputs and optional 192kHz A-D
The entire Focusrite Heritage Sound in one unit: mic pre, EQ, VCA/optical compressor, expander/gate and de-esser