Focusrite believes in making music easy to make.

Everything we do at Focusrite challenges the way we make music today, we believe in thinking differently about music recording.

Focusrite does that by making music recording technology easier to learn and simpler to use. Got Thunderbolt? Looking for an audio interface? Then check out Focusrite’s Red range of Thunderbolt audio interfaces. Better, faster and easier, they feature specially-designed high-performance, low noise (-128dB EIN) mic pres with a new low distortion, ultra-linear design that guarantees a clean, open and transparent sound, giving accurate representation of the original performance. Plus they include the unique analogue “Air” effect, emulating the sound of Focusrite’s classic transformer-based mic preamps.

  • We understand dealing with cable admin, synchronisation and compatibility is not “making music”
  • We have learned to innovate new technology to deliver the best possible sound quality you seek and the depth of control you need.
  • Focusrite believes in “open ended” connectivity and workflow, we don't impose hardware or software boundaries that limit what you can and can’t do.

Red 16Line - 64 In / 64 Out Thunderbolt Interface
Red 16Line

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Focusrite knows sometimes you:

  • Want to experiment with the recording process, “how will these drums sound in the hallway?”
  • Take a session to a totally different location.
  • Just want to “get on with the music”.

Jalen N'Gonda

Your musical creativity and imagination should not be bound by the limits of your music recording technology. Red is Focusrite’s premium music recording technology: in the hands of our customers Red delivers the “easiest music recording” experience without exception.

Focusrite’s mission is to continually improve music recording by listening, learning and sharing innovations with our customers.

Red is… great low latency sound… is easy expansion… is compatibility… is you recording music.