Running on Mac or Windows computers, RedNet Control provides remote control and related functionality for the RedNet range. The latest version, RedNet Control 2, has been completely revised, with a new tabbed browser-like graphic user interface and the ability to handle up to 600 RedNet devices.

Available units in the system can be dragged and dropped from the searchable Device List sidebar into a grid on a tab, where they are shown graphically. Each tab can display up to 12 devices, and up to 50 tabs can be defined. Tabs can also be populated automatically. Devices can be grouped logically and intuitively on each page: a multi-location system can include a tab representing each area of a facility, for example.

RedNet Control 2 allows for improved device monitoring, metering and control over all device parameters.

Key Features

  • Ideal for controlling large and multi-location systems
  • Supports up to 600 RedNet devices and up to 96 channels of RedNet mic pre on one screen
  • Completely revised tabbed browser-like user interface
  • Remote control of all RedNet devices on the network
  • Channel-by-channel metering of audio levels
  • Remote control of all mic pre parameters
  • MIDI bridging for mic pre control
  • Mic pre snapshot save and recall
  • Session setup save and recall
  • Displays device Dante Lockout status
  • Automatic firmware updater
  • Shortcuts allowing for a much faster workflow

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