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RedNet is Focusrite’s flagship range of modular Dante-based Ethernet network audio interfaces, combining Focusrite’s rich heritage of creating great sounding audio hardware with Audinate’s robust and reliable Dante Ethernet-based networking protocol. RedNet embodies the company’s most advanced A-D / D-A conversion to date, along with rock-solid clocking and premium analogue circuitry.

Focusrite’s RedNet 5 interface provides a bridge between Pro Tools|HD and the Dante audio network, behaving just like a standard Pro Tools® interface with each RedNet 5 unit capable of routing 32 input and 32 output channels between the Dante network and your Pro Tools|HD system. Up to six RedNet 5 units can be used with a Pro Tools|HDX system for a full simultaneous 192-channel I/O system. Simply connect RedNet 5 to Pro Tools® with standard DigiLink™ cables or the supplied Mini DigiLink™ adaptor, then add the RedNet I/O interfaces you need to pass high-quality audio around the network with near-zero latencies.

RedNet 5 can be used with both older Pro Tools|HD systems and the very latest Pro Tools|HD Native or Pro Tools HDX systems – and alongside existing Avid® or Digidesign® interfaces, letting you make the most of your existing equipment.

RedNet offers a range of premium studio interfaces, with eight or 16-analouge inputs and outputs, 32-channel digital I/O, eight channels of Focusrite’s transparent DC-coupled remote-controlled mic preamp and instrument inputs and a MADI bridge. RedNet’s software lets you remotely-control mic pre gain, phantom power, and input selection from any networked computer, as well as providing easy routing.

Combining Focusrite’s enviable reputation for high-quality microphone preamps, interfaces and precision digital audio conversion with Dante’s tried and tested audio networking protocol, RedNet brings a range of new possibilities to Pro Tools|HD users.

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