Russell Bullock

My name is Russell Bullock and I am an Recording Arts graduate from Full Sail University, drummer of Future Leaders of the World (Pavement/Sony RED) and have been using Focusrite's Saffire interfaces for about a year now. The first one I bought was the Saffire PRO 24 which was my upgrade from a Presonus Interface. It's taken my ability to capture clean and workable recordings to the next level. Not only am I able to get more out of the recording process, but it has also made it effortless to do so. I know that when I put signal through it, it will react exactly how I want it to.

I have since upgraded again to the rack mountable Pro 40. Not only have I found the recording hardware to be useful, but the MixControl and software options are very useful, I use it now to run my bands in-ears when touring with FLOW as well. Although this will be my first time bringing the Saffire on the road with us, I'm certain that it will hold up on the road just as well as it has performed in the studio. I look forward to making Focusrite one of my main tools in studio sessions as well as other industry work. As a working musician, engineer, actor, and businessman, finding the gems amongst the gimmicks was my original goal when searching for an affordable, but still high quality recording interface/in-ear rig. I settled on the Saffire because of Focusrite's infamous name and because of the gear I was able to demo while at Full Sail University.

I'm excited and looking forward to continuing my relationship with Focusrite and upgrading again. You'll see the Pro 40 out with us on the road sometime in August/September and I couldn't be more happy in knowing that my ears won't miss a beat!!!

Future Leaders of the World have a new album "REVEAL", coming soon...

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