Thiago H B Garcia

I have a system based on one Liquid Saffire 56 and one Octopre Dynamic MKII all set and hooked up to a Control 2802 also by Focusrite, and bought them about 1 year ago to fulfill my need of good AD/DA conversion and the number of I/O I needed. Before buying them I really had myself done a great and long research comparing products and their features. The LS56 seemed to be the best deal once I'd have good converters, MIDI I/O, nice amount of Line Inputs and Outputs, Wordclock I/O and the possibility to work with Thunderbolt.

What else would I want? I mainly use it home, in my home studio, for mixing and recording. Also, it's a great mobile setup that can fit in a small bag.

I always care about having the best quality, once I worked for some really big and nice studios in my city and got used to having the best hardware ever, so it really freaks me out not to have the same professional quality at home. Really… I wouldn't hesitate to use my LS56 in a "professional studio".

I usually work for other people at nice and big studios so I'm used to having lots of great gear around me, like SSL consoles, Pro Tools HDX Converters, and so on. I can fell the difference easily. My system is set home, at my home studio. I have it for when I have to mix and produce at home, which is something becoming increasingly frequent for me. People don't have so much money to spend and often I record whole bands, and sometimes, just the final touches are tracked here.

I need all the I/O for 'Analog Summing'. I really dig Analog Summing once I can't have a nice British Console and racks fulfilled with gear. That's why I chose and bought the Focusrite Control 2802 too. It has all the great stuff in one small peace of gear. Great summing, great and clean monitor/central section, nice DAW Controller - although the faders don't please me so much, but they are good, and the LED viewer confuses me a little, it should be on the top of each fader - and I like the buss compressor; I usually use it for the sound and not because of it's compression, and so on…

I do record a lot of live instruments, I like it, after I learned how that can help someone's music to be better I never stopped doing it like this, though of course it's not everybody that can record live. I like the vibe the bands have when recording live and the result is almost always awesome too when well recorded.

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