Tomer Salman

My name is Tomer Salman, 32, Israel. Bass Player, Recording & Mixing Artist.

I use 2 Saffire PRO 40's at my pro studio, Liquid Mix 32 (The REAL STAR!!!), and at home a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8. I'm always amazed how it's easy to work with the Saffire PRO 40 each time I use it. The software allows me to control what ever i want in no time, the preamps are pretty amazing, got everything i need in it, using the SPDIF in for DBX 386 Preamp, saving me 2 analog inputs! I was using all kind of soundcards before, when i got the Saffire PRO 40 i knew it's just what i need, perfect for my needs. I'm also using the Focusrite Liquid Mix 32, one of THE BEST plugins i use, mix a lot with it.