Avid Pro Tools | First

The ultimate virtual recording studio

Avid Pro Tools | First is the entry-level edition of the industry standard professional music production package, Pro Tools 12. It features the same core features and workflow, including the Elastic Audio Engine for instant correction of pitch and timing errors in recordings and samples, separate windows for mixing and editing to keep you focussed on the task at hand, loop recording for compiling perfect takes, and genre-based project templates to get you started.

Pro Tools | First also boasts Pro Tools 12’s rock-solid audio handling and super-slick interface, making recording and mixing with your Scarlett 2nd Gen easy and fun. And, of course, when you decide the time is right to step up to the next level, subscription and buy-outright upgrades to Pro Tools 12 are only a few clicks away.

Tracks Galore

Pro Tools | First gives you plenty of room to spread your musical wings, supporting up to 16 mono or stereo audio tracks, 16 MIDI tracks, 16 Instrument tracks, 16 Auxiliary tracks and four Master Fader tracks in a project – more than enough to record and mix a full band or complex virtual instrument setup.

For recording, four simultaneous input channels let you pristinely capture multiple source signals to separate tracks via your Scarlett 2nd Gen; and with the lowest latency of any USB audio interface in its class (2.74ms at 64 samples*), Eleven Lite responds like a real guitar amp and Xpand!2 plays at the speed of a hardware synth.

Xpand! Your horizons

With the AIR Xpand!2 plugin onboard, Pro Tools | First puts over 2500 virtual synthesis- and sample-based instruments at your fingertips, from drums and basses to strings, vocals, pianos, synths and beyond. Each instance of Xpand!2 in a project hosts up to four polyphonic instrument parts, while Smart Knobs, Easy Edit Knobs and two effects units enable you to make subtle or profound changes to individual instrument parts and/or their mixed output.

Whether you’re putting together a MIDI-programmed backing to accompany your recorded audio tracks or building an entirely virtual arrangement from scratch, Xpand!2 is your doorway to an epic, endlessly versatile library of high-quality sounds.

The desired effects

Pro Tools | First covers all sound design, mixing and corrective processing bases with its 20 plugin effects and utilities. Get those drums and basses pumping with Dynamics III, find the frequency sweet spot with EQ III, dial in any of seven reverb types with D-Verb, and sort out all manner of audio issues with Invert, Normalize, Time Adjuster and more.

And that’s not all! Also included with the Scarlett 2nd Gen, the Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack adds another 12 superb stompbox effects to the rack, from the authentic guitar amp simulation of Eleven Lite and retro sounds of Tape Echo, Vibe Phaser and Roto Speaker, to the far-out tones of Sci-Fi Ring Modulator and edgy overdrive of Black Op Distortion.

Pro Tools | First… Everywhere!

Sign up to Avid Everywhere and do even more with Pro Tools | First. A free Avid Everywhere account lets you sync three projects to the cloud for backup and transfer between systems, and find like-minded producers to make music with through Avid Artist Community and Avid Cloud Collaboration. You can even buy or rent AAX plugin instruments and effects in the Avid Everywhere Marketplace, from directly within Pro Tools | First itself.

With Avid Everywhere, Pro Tools | First becomes the centre of your music making world.

Getting started with Avid Pro Tools | First and Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Gen

Putting together a track with your Scarlett 2nd Gen audio interface and Pro Tools | First couldn’t be easier. Upon launching the software, you’re presented with the Dashboard, offering a choice of genre-based template projects on which to build, each with a selection of stylistically appropriate Xpand! 2 instruments and named audio tracks in place. Perhaps most importantly, this will include a complete drum track, giving you an instant rhythmic foundation.

With a guitar, synth and/or microphone connected to your Scarlett 2nd Gen, hit record to capture your playing/singing. Pro Tools | First’s loop recording function cycles playback to capture multiple takes without stopping, from which you then compile your final performance, using the best bits from each take.

To add virtual synths and sampled sounds to your real-world instrumentation, load Xpand! 2 onto an Instrument track and play it using a connected MIDI controller keyboard such as Novation’s Launchkey range. Any hardware synth or sampler plugged into the Scarlett 2nd Gen’s MIDI Out port can be played and controlled, too.

With a few parts recorded, use slip editing, grouping, audio and MIDI editors, Elastic Time and Pitch, and Pro Tools | First’s other arranging features to finesse your sounds and lay out a song structure. Then flip to the Mix page to balance volume levels, set pan positions, and apply plugin insert and send effects as required.

Congratulations – you just produced your first track!

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*Logic Pro X at 96kHz with 32 samples, running on Mac Pro with OS 10.11 with low latency installer.