William Caisse

I've had a home studio ever since I had two portable cassette decks in the 60's. I'd write my own songs, use cardboard boxes for drums, and sing into the built in mics on those cheap portable recorders, and bounce the tracks back and forth. Last year it was time to upgrade from my Mac G4 with a MBox Pro II that I'd been recording on for 8 years or so.

Sam Ash music in San Antonio sold me a Presonus Live and a Loaded MacPro tower, but I couldn't get it to work for me. They did tell me about the Saffire, but said it was expensive, and didn't come with DAW software, and would take a week or so to get one. After trying two other interfaces, I decided to order the Liquid Saffire 56 because a producer friend of mine couldn't say enough about it! He said it would be perfect for me, and he was right. From day one, I hooked it up via Firewire to the Mac, hooked up a Digital Mixer to the lightpipe ins, word clock, and midi for automation, and it was running in less than 45 minutes. I've been recording everyday, and loving the individual headphone mixes when I have other people over. Even when I'm by myself, the mixes are awesome.

The mic pre's really make me sound good. That's says a lot!