XLN Addictive Drums Terms and Conditions

1) If you purchase and register any of the following Focusrite Products:

  • Scarlett 2nd Gen; or
  • Clarett

Or any of the following Novation products:

  • LaunchKey Range;
  • Impulse Range SL MkII range;
  • LaunchPad;
  • LaunchPad Pro; or
  • LaunchPad Mini

between 20 November 2017 00:00 GMT and 31 January 2018 23:59 GMT you can claim a unique code which allows you to choose one Adpak, one MIDIpak and one Kitpiece Pak as part of XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2.

2) An individual can only claim a maximum to two codes, one for a Focusrite registered product and one for a Novation registered product. If you register two or more Focusrite products you can only claim one code.

3) This offer only applies to first time registrations of a product.

4) Focusrite reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer, but don’t worry we will only do this in very exceptional circumstances.

5) You cannot transfer this code to your friends.